Don’t date someone with depression unless you’re ready to watch them kill themselves

Now, This sounds very bleak but it’s the truth. This isn’t one of those blogs where we romamtize illnesses- illustrating that everyone is an angel.

Suicide is a very selfish thing. it is. and as someone who’s familiar with people who suffer from forms of depression I can say the road out of suicidal tendencies is not easy.

Balancing a relationship on top of that road with the impatient idea of ‘fixing‘ someone, is incorrect

The intense psychological weight of a mental illness is a lot for one person let alone two.Mental illness is not something anyone can ask for or developed or trade up  though the sensitivity intensifies & defuses varying on the situation.


Chronic,catatonic come in waves though can be instigated by events

A lost job,death of a family member or ended relationship can be  catalysts  for very serious episodes

Age relationship

Older men; young girl relationships are very delicate things. Often girls who are attracted to older men as well as being are emotionally sensitive and almost always have mental instabilities which

a lot of girls date younger men because they find solace in the intellect/mentality of that particular man

As an older man you’re organically put in a position of dominance in her life and bestowed much honour.You’re their point of support,strength, protection.So getting treated badly can have unpredictable effects.

No woman should be treated poorly,but the effect of a heart break in a DDLG relationship is x50

Therefore being mistreated as a young person can be emotionally scarring.

Thr title of this article was supposed to shock you,But I wanted to highlight a few Miss once prions about dating with depression. It is

  • Do not date someone with the idea of trying to “fix” them because often you’ll end up frustrated at yourself, or worst, at them for being “broken”
  • Make sure you’re fully and completely in love with them.Love is unambiguous when you are in it your empathy will naturally meet thier mentality;bond of love & support you both have for eachother will enrich your relationship.
  • Please understand what you’re getting into, do not underestimate the level someones illness.people may have very few waves before dating you and for one reason or another an episode could be activated.Do not take it personally, be sensitive and patient.

I’ve dated people who’ve had no idea I was suffering who were very supportive and sweet, and double that  when they grew to realise.

Dating with depression  can be amazing as long as it’s with a great person.

Why Feminism is a mental disorder

I remember a time when ‘feminism’ was the innocent idea of gender equality, and i thought “FUCK YEAH” sign me the heck up,but that cute ideology quickly dispelled with modern feminists

Lets face it, were living in a post-trump world so any self-victimised, scapegoating has upped the anti.

Left wings are the kind of people to see a meme they dont understand and call the police that’s why were in this mess to begin with.The Clinton campaign branding Pepe the frog as a symbol of racism,well it was downhill from there

Anyone who was on twitter a short while ago will have noticed that Mr Shkreli,  pharmaceutic was suspended from twitter after a row incited by teen vogue ‘journalist’ Lauren Duca

The whole thing  arose  after martin was asking her to go to Deploraball and she responded with a clapback joke to him.


Martin’s known for provoking petty journalism and this whole thing seemed like good banter but when martin made a meme,when he edited himself next to her where her partner was, she did not take it kindly;took on a victim mentality.


“that’s a photo of my husband. I feel sick”

A few other hyperbolic reactions from others and his account was suspended.

Twitter has strict rules on targeted harassment.However, making a meme of someone’s hardly within that category.Do we live in an age where you can accuse someone of something SERIOUS, simply because you do not like them?

I do not think these women understand the power they truly have to influence things.(unsurprising because many have clinically low selfesteem)The foundations of feminism were never set on the idea of male female equality, but rather leverage.This is another example of feminist privilege which, unlike white privilege, actually exists!

Feminism created a far more sexually hostile environment for actual harassment victims

Social attitudes

A quantity of female comedians and writers constantly exclaim about their sex lives online,including as many vulgar metaphors as possible. I wonder how these would sound coming from a male mouth?I think we all know the answer to that.

Look, sex can be a great activity but is also a very very normal one, the idea that somehow a 30yr old women is braking barriers by talking about an orgasm is childish and ill thoughtout- the ability to make people uncomfortable with your period joke isn’t a symbol of patriarchy you’re just immature and gross.

When there’s a call for equality the imperative steps are to see where we have fallen short and fix it, however with online feminist often its this idea of intellectual leverage,and attitudes towards sex

Your agenda should be:

  • Raising the standard for women
  • Creating a far more challenging work field for women
  • Normalising the idea of hardwork(yes, praising a women for winning an award men win every year with the tag #girlpower is only patronising )

I remember a time when women fought for something they believed in

Sexism does exist but feminism has done nothing to tackle real issues.Very sad!

Women can be amazing and beautiful and talented, but often the poster girl they{media} have for that is neither

Look at the recent ghost busters,a starred studded all female cast-was something that could’ve been done so well but wasnt because of the blaring feminist tone

When speaking to a feminist they’re shocked when i always ask, what does it mean? okay its not men bashing, got it. but evidently women bashing and this vibe of low self esteem.The same women who scream about rape culture are tweeting,personal jokes about Ivanka trump

What on earth?


Micro racism

Because noone hates white people more than white people but the growing number white women who constantly villainize the existence of white men is ridiculous. how is this okay


We all saw that very racist dear white guys video. at this point I wanna call it a mental disorder.insulting all white men doesn’t fix racism.

No black person thinks trash talking white people will make up for slavery but white feminists constantly  villainize white men as if there’s a black person waiting to thank them for their service.

Sexism does exist but feminism has done nothing to tackle real issues.Very sad! Feminism created a far more sexually hostile environment for actual harassment victims

I urge more and more women to think about what they’re fighting for or in other words GIT GUD