Trump insanity 

The time is 9:29pm GBT 3/4/17 as I write this article, and there are currently so many articles about the hysterical ride of Trumps position in power. From Russian ties to intelligence leaks,the media just won’t let up. Recently brought up is story of Susan Rice,Former National Security Adviser requests leaking identities of trump officials who spoke with foreign officials.

Susan,who obtained the intelligence records said they were summaries of recorded conversation during the transition of trumps inauguration.

Odd, I don’t remember Obama being surveilled

Though they did not win,the Dem party are delving to extremities to cause confusion and corruption 

Surveillance, Manipulation, Sabotage. This is the world the Clintons wanted -and will not get.

Following that event,the accosting of any right-wing journalist or reporter that talks about this case.

So rice 🍚, ex NSA under President Barack Obama from 2013 to 2017, sought to leak the names of Trump officials who spoke with foreign officials,in the monitored conversations. National security experts say rice will not get into trouble for this because what she did was not illegal.

The fake news,media relentlessly stalking,harassing the trump administration-upholding the propaganda that he’s obsessive and childish, all whilst baring the narrative that we’re under some sort of fascist regime.

Listen.Trump is President of the United States,it happened. no matter how many tweets,riots,boycotts or times you cry yourself to sleep will change that.

I’m not seriously about to tell the world of adults to suck it up but seriously haven’t any of you guys thought about the benefits of actually working with the person who is in charge of your country?

Treat President Trump the way you treated President Obama. That’s not a courtesy that’s just how to be an adult fucking person