Female privilege 

As I sit back,conservatively glance  over my cup of tea. I look at the article I’ve just written.The cold breeze of feminist tweets,subtweets and hate, flash before my eyes. I’m hit with a scolding realisation and proceed anyway.

The idea of privilege is one that baffles me,what is privilege?

  • Going to a top university?
  • Living in the country?
  • Having a job?


  • Having clothes?
  • Having supply of food & drink readily available?

Who decides the line?
The truth is,women in America are the most privilege people on the planet to date, and yet their white male neighbours buying a new car makes him entitled

American women have,economical,ethnic & social preference as well as every basic human right.Are favoured in the eyes of the law,media,society and yet blame the nearest Tom,Richard or Francis for their problems.

There are girls in the world who would be stoned for picking up a book, whom will sooner make acquaintance with acid than education, American women have free access to education and what do they do? Walk around campus with knitted genitalia on their heads and trying to find themselves in the next Vegan,-EDC,folk,glitter,festival

Feminism is actually a mental disorder


Female offenders are less accountable for their crimes

In 2008,teacher’s aide at Highlands Senior High School in Harrison, Pa.was arrested fro renting a hotel, where she had sex with many of her students.The police found beer, marijuana, an open condom wrapper and at least four teenage girls and boys.Upon, admmiting to sexually assaulting the 17 yo she asked police, “how serious is that?”

she got a 3-6 jail time in total.Gender reverse the case, the penalty would be higher

Society tells us that all women no matter what are beautiful,perfect angels but any good mother will tell you,no woman is perfect but works hard to keep kind & Ernst.And honestly I thank god for these women.

The whole 1st world has normalised toxic unpleasant women creating a more misogynistic, hostile environment for everyone.

Signs of behavioural disorder

  • Selective behaviour

Only being kind to certain people at certain times

  • Constant guilt tripping

Making you feel sorry for them often after they been caught out

  • Lack of self esteem
  • Manipulative

This person feels needs to control the perception people have of themselves & others! Often using gossip and orther social tatics

  • Sporadic, agressive outbursts

Toxic people are aware of their disorder ; one of thier main goals is masking this behaviour through faux kindness but even Stanislavsky himself could not maintain character all his life. Often leaving these women with random hateful out breaks.

In nursery they teach child to be kind to hurt people to remove the evil and work together

In the adult world you teach to join those who’re evil.


Women forget how influential their existence is to everyone around them. Sons,daughters,husbands,siblings, all affecting by the way they chose to treat people.

“Comedian” Moshe kasher posted a nude explicit photo of First Lady,Melania trump in an attempt to mock & embarrass her

After the expected negative replies.

His response was “my wife said it was ok”



This is a narrative very common with liberal men,saying actually sexist things-participating in the depreciation of women at the command of thier femisnt counter parts. What a horrific deal.

Is this the world you want for your children?

Let’s play a game called: finish the feminist sentence

“I respect all women but…”

  • Women I don’t like
  • Female sex works are unintelligent enough to be manipulated into working
  • Attractive women are just setting a stereotype and we needs to see less of them on every
  • We need more fat women on tv
  • A size 6 woman with D cup boobs is just unrealistic and my child will cry when they see this magazine
  • Donald trumps daughters

The answer is: All of the above

Real life femisnits actually said these things,

We must stop this terror,this de-evolution shall end before we’ve nothing left of civilisation.


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