Coming out republican 

I remember the moment I walked into my living room, looked both my parents in the eye and with teary cheeks uttered the words “I support trump”

It has become increasingly difficult for young Conservatives/republicans to vocalise thier beliefs. 
Growing number of teens attending university or college only to be ostracised for their right winged views.Teachers pushing more democratic,socialistic ideas on to their students
The fight for free speech has never been more prominent with the free speech rally in Boston being counter-protested by thousands, which claim to fight fascism(often using fascism) for anyone they disagree with

People getting STABBED purely for ‘looking like a nazi’ , this madness is the product of mass hysteria spread by the media,but the one place it should never reach, is the classroom and yet more and more right winged teenagers are having a difficult time at school and educational institutions.

Rate of intelligence

Intelligence is about questioning. Disambiguating. I’ve always said: intellect is not about what you know but your ability to learn more,a development of thought.

Should not we be encouraging such provocative talk?

Universities such as Oxford & UCL have conservative societies which is open for ALL on the spectrum allowing students to take part in debates & political events.Such is rare in the host of modern universities.

We live in a place where having Christian Conservative views punished

Free speech
Free speech is about freedom to Express/challenge thought. Diversity of opinion. And its imperative to any structured society.

In April 1968 in Memphis, in the last speech he gave before he was murdered, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. provided a ringing endorsement of the central importance of the First Amendment for the civil-rights movement, when he declared that the freedom of speech is a central guarantee of “the greatness of America.”Where has this enthusiasm gone?

Recent events in Charlottesville, highlighted the tension between both sides in a tragic way,and escalated the hatred of white supremacists.

The left making clear the polar between free speech & hate speech. Whilst everyone has a right to feel safe,1st amendment has no clause for ‘feelings’

Free speech is literally just that.Free for all.whether you agree with it or not

College safe spaces

Whilst a lot of colleges pledge to encourage a nurturing productive environment for all students the evident scrutinise & bias right winged students face is growing.

But free speech has always been under scrutiny as we’ve seen in UC Berkeley

College censorship peaked, with college UC Berkley cancelling Milo Yiannopoulos talk & Ann coulter

Sheltering students/filtering opinion is doing more to harm their development that enhance it.

Disgusting excerise will degenerate the current generation if not stopped.

 Here’s a list of useful sites & clubs for young right wings:

    We must do all we can to protect free speech.