goodbye-diary v

weird when people act as if there must be one monologue ,a canon thought-or youre insane that doesnt work that way.
your psw which means at one point you were schzc too right?
There are two sides to me and 2 sides to him, i like to think a part of me & part of him will always like eachother, you wouldnt be doing the most if it wasnt (the case).

you can not want anything to do with someone and still care about them, you can hate someone and still want to fu*k them, Humans are complex im sorry you havent figured this out horse girl.

Female privilege (cont.)

i was arrested an accused of things i didn’t do.


heres my anicdote:

I was being attacked by a “adult woman” who still stuck in whatever mentality possessed most women.
I would not ruin my life over a boy. I have plenty.
Being a mental health professional involves being a PROFESSIONAL.
My parents cried and prayed.everyone did.i didn’t understand why at first but I get it, generations ahead of me are used to FEARING the police,being arrested while being black is the most tense thing ever.
To have someone use their power right it’s power over the crazies to attack and lie about me, perhaps was the first discrimination I’ve faced

Some people will use their privilege position to antagonise you I suggest we pray for them.


at 5am, i received a knock on my door-my brother woke me up, the police politely began “You have the right to remain silent…” i was being arrested and told to go with them

still in a new/submissive state i agreed and proceeded with the instructions, i asked about 4 times what had happened, to counts of harrasment and ARSIN


did i do it. yes. well some of it. im not going to go into the infamous history of this psychiatric unit but it remains a fair from an encouraging environment.

whilst being a patient under their care i had been severely abused catalysted by a situation of personal interest within the staff

being arrested sucked;having a control over my diagnosis it is very easy to manipulate a profile and blame mental illness ill keep this short because they’ll be watching no doubt.

this was sick abuse of power and privilege

they accused me of a series of very specific things, some I may not go in to for legal reasons:

-attempted murder

-attempted murder x2


-being jealous of the female in question

the list gets wilder,and weirder


situations like this, very pungent ordeal, reminds me of the looming force that is female privilege